Handshake Public DNS

DNS (TCP/UDP Port 53) + DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

 Firefox + ( Chrome coming soon)

To see greater adoption for Handshake and Skynet outside of the crypto community we need tools that make it easier to use these projects — projects like Resolvr help us advance towards true adoption.

DNS (TCP/UDP Port 53)

Query dns.resolvr.info to resolve both Handshake TLDs and standard TLDs

$ dig @dns.resolvr.info welcome.nb
$ dig @dns.resolvr.info google.com

Query the dns.resolvr.info static IP

$ dig @ welcome.nb
$ dig @ google.com

DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

Use DNS-over-HTTPS to resolve both Handshake TLDs and standard TLDs

$ curl 'https://dns.resolvr.info/dns-query?name=welcome.nb&type=A'

Resolvr +  Firefox

Firefox browser extension to resolve Handshake TLDs + DNS TXT metadata records.

Metadata records support Skynet, redirects, QR codes, and more.

Resolvr +  Chrome

coming soon